The Rogue Series

What is the TV Series about?

Eternal Embrace is a proof of concept for a television series titled, The Rogues (a.k.a SEIZED SPIRITS.) Five spirits, seized from different times and at their lowest moment have to earn their way back to their times and lives.

What is a Rogue?

A human spirit captured, frozen in time at a critical lowest moment in their life. They are neither angels nor ghosts (nor souls). They are bound to earth and in the present time with their own memories, emotions and goals. They just happen to be out of their body for the moment…

Each Rogue/Spirit has traveled from various centuries and cultures adding a diversity to their solutions and ancestry. But one tragedy or traumatic event pushed them to their edge, an emotional ride to unbearable pain. This is when a shaman, Serena Rhune, appears and seizes their spirit and pain until they are ready to go back and face their reality. But their is a price.

Each back-story is unique, but each has elements of similarities, which draw these Rogues/Spirits together in a battle to return to their “real” life. There are five diverse spirits. Each are introduced in separate episodes.

Together they are a totally dysfunctional family.

The Rogue/Spirits Series – Time Travel

The Rogues is a one-hour drama series. Although it is a romantic fantasy, it is rooted in reality, offering action, adventure, drama, lots of humor and moments of romance.

The Basic Episode

Each week the episode begins with Serena in her magnificent greenhouse (an anchor set). Five portraits hang on a strange looking glass wall. These framed portraits are the Rogues/Spirits “home station”. Serena protects and guards these backend portrait doorways. The “front door” of these portraits can be moved, reframed, bought and sold like any “normal” picture.

The Spirits “live” in their own portrait. They can step outside their portrait to observe and interact with humans, but are limited.  The doorway is their energy source. Although each week one of them gets a chance to experience a “tandem visit” where their spirit occupies a present living human for a limited time.  In this state they can experience all their five senses and bodily functions un order to feel “human” again.

Although the Rogues are the main characters, there is a guest protagonist, a “broken spirit” each week. Serena chooses the Rogue who will interact with the protagonist, the one who has the most to lose or learn.

The Rogues don’t always agree with her decision. And sometimes the situation is complicated by the negative side of the human spirit, the alibis.


The Rogue Series Bible

Dream Sequence

Every Episode has a dream sequence. The Rogue’s portrait is also the portal and stage to the protagonist’s dream. Anything can happen. It can be full of fun, drama, adventure or mystery as long as it relates to uncovering the protagonist’s inner truth, so that they can grow.

This sequence can be as simple as someone sitting alone in a dark room to a full blown Broadway musical (budget permitting). It can be filmed in black and white, sepia or color, whatever fits the storyline.  Serena usually makes her appearance in this sequence to help, clarify, argue and/or observe the Rogue.

The Magic

Serena Rhune uses Mother Nature, Father Spirit and her unlimited knowledge of herbology as her “magic”. She is known to have experimented with thousands of recipes, not just for cooking and healing, but on occasion, she has used her “magic” as a weapon of survival or revenge like “Montezuma’s”.

Being barefoot is how she connects to all around her. Although some say that being thousands of years old, her memory isn’t what it used to be, and though it takes her a while to find exactly the right remedy, her unique powers could only be called “magic’.

Weekly Protagonist

Everyday man, woman, boy, or girl, any human being whose spirit is about to break or anyone who has reached a crossroads in their life and doesn’t know which way to turn or what to do. The Rogue’s spirit has to find a way to empower the protagonist without infringing on their free will. Communication, caring is a must. The storylines are as simple as a decision about getting married to solving a murder. Since it is a romantic fantasy, there will be an element of romance woven throughout the story lines. Whether the romance is more dominant, depends on the plot.

Surrendered Spirit, the Two Hour pilot,

Introduces William Joseph Riley, a 19th century rogue born in 1805 in the slums of Dublin. His mother, father and any known living relative are dead. At nine, he was left alone to fend for himself.

Riley eventually joins the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C), then is framed for the murder of the man he called father and labeled a Fenian Spy. Returning home one night, he finds his pregnant wife trapped in their burning home. Caught off guard, Riley is dragged to the closest tree to be hung. Convinced that all is gone, Riley surrenders to the pain, but his mother-in-law, Serena Rhune won’t have any of it. She steals his spirit and zaps it into the future.

Serena helps Riley find his wife’s spirit so they can return to their lives, but the task seems impossible when he confronts an ex-con’s heart and a world he doesn’t understand.

Time Travel, a damaged spirit and a demanding mother-in-law… and you thought you had problems.

An 18 page series bible with all the Rogue’s bios and the first years story lines are available upon request to qualified producers.

Thank you,  Neringa