Group Experiences

Group Experiences

Screenplay Awards:

  • Dream Dancers~ Romantic Fantasy & Coming of Old Age
    • Winner of 2012 Romancing the Script Competition, Scriptscene a Chapter of the Romance Writers of America (RWA).
    • Quarterfinalist The Writer’s Place
    • Quarterfinalist of StoryPro
    • Quarterfinalist of Bluecat Competition
    • OFFICIAL SELECTION in The Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge 2020

*Blood Oil (aka Hydroil - Suspense/Thriller Co-written w/ M. Sheehan
  •  Finalist of Romancing the Script Competition
  • Finalist of The Writer’s Place
  • Quarterfinalist of StoryPro
  • Quarterfinalist of Bluecat Competition
  • Quarterfinalist Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2013
  • Semifinalist: Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2013
  • Quarterfinalist Page Awards 2020
  • Best Characters in The Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge 2020

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Screenplays available:

* Crossover ~ (Action Fantasy)

An ex-cop searches for her husband on the other side of the Sargasso Sea and finds a world where women are a rare booty and privateers are engulfed in a civil war.

* Dream Dancers ~ (Romantic Fantasy - A Coming-of-Old Age)

When her husband is downsized, a dance instructor decides to renew the romance in her 25-year-old marriage she enters a local dance contest, but when her husband refuses, she elicits the help of a dance spirit.

*Blood Oil ~ Romantic Thriller

After formulating a revolutionary gasoline substitute, a brilliant, but naive inventor thinks his prearranged and recently  married wife is dead, but with the help of a local detective and his robot they find that she is actually kidnapped and her circumstances uncovers a world of deceit and deception.

*Twilight Murders ~ Murder Mystery

Street gang members are being murdered at twilight. When a paraplegic teenager, P.C. witnesses a murder, a detective, Demitri, protects him and Nikki, his overly protective mother. Once they work together, they discover the horrific reason these teenager are being murdered.

____________________________IN PROGRESS______________________________

* The Black Unicorn ~ Children's Animation

A Prince and Princess are separated during a vicious storm when their kingdom is attacked. In order to find his royal sister, the Prince must fight the Evil Esuba.

*American Dream ~ Murder Mystery

When a conservative business executive seeks out his brother's murderer, all paths lead to the Lithuanian immigrant he married out of convenience.

*Gemini Girl ~ Coming-of-Age

On her birthday, a 17 year old discovers that she is an alien and has a year to  decide whether to "mature" with her adult self which has been kept “on ice” in the basement vault.


__________________________FOR TELEVISION_______________________

*Surrendered Spirit - A two hour  Pilot for an one-hour TV Series titled:

                The Rogues: A TV Series Bible


My film titled, Eternal Embrace is a proof-of-concept for this series titled, The Rogues. Five Spirits are transported to the present time to search and discover themselves. The complete film or trailer is also available. It was produced and shot in Massachusetts.

Surrendered  Spirit, a two part pilot (an hour each) introduces the first Rogue, (one of five spirits), William Joseph Riley, a 19th century member of the Royal Irish Constabulary (R.I.C.) who searches for his wife’s missing spirit in the present day with the help of his mother-in-law.  The series bible has a 5 year outline for the story ideas with a full outline of each of the spirits. 

This series is a flip of Highlander, the spirits come to the present time in order to earn their right to return to their own time and to live out their lives.

More info or to request the 18 page series bible for The Rogues (A.K.A Seized Spirits) TV series please contact:

Thank You!

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