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We have written Screenplays for over 3 decades. Check out our Screenplays Page and Awards.

We have written and illustrated children’s books like Dude Saves Christmas and Where’s Snowball.

We even Produced and wrote a Proof of Concept for a TV series, titled, The Rogues. Check out the TV Series Bible Page. We also have an 18 page Series Bible available for qualifying producers: Email: UniShadow@comcast.net

Now, we are in the process of rewriting one of our Novels, Stolen Secrets.


Victoria Adams, thirty-four and petite, is city-bred, imaginative, and poverty-hardened. Her mother taught her how to sew and she has a thriving boutique business, Reflections. When her parents died, Victoria vowed at eighteen to take care and protect her twin siblings, Suzanne and Stuart. And now Stuart is being accused of embezzling funds from his employer, the owner of a textile company, Tyler Westgate.

For eight years, Victoria has never trusted Tyler Westgate or understood her brother’s loyalty to him. She feels that Tyler is greedily using her brother’s accounting talents as wealthy clients in the past used her mother’s sewing skills. And she is not going to let him get away with it. Before she can set bail, Stuart disappears.

Victoria questions Stuart’s twin, Suzanne, the boutique’s accountant and she adamantly tells her sister to mind her own business, then avoids her.

She tries to talk to Tyler’s friends but has to be careful; Tyler’s mother, Katherine Westgate is one of her best boutique clients. But with Bill Thompson’s help, a long time family friend, Victoria takes a job for one night as a cleaning lady for Westgate’s downtown office to search for evidence. The only thing she discovers is that Tyler has hired a detective, Jack Redmond, to follow her daily.

Victoria tries to question Redmond, but gets nowhere. She even tries to call Tyler to get answers, but the company’s CEO, Henry Mettler, blocks the calls. Frustrated, Victoria doesn’t know what to do until Katherine comes in for a fitting and mentions that they will be having a few guests at the house and needs her elegant dress to be complete by the end of the week. Victoria is happy to comply.

Victoria calls Bill and discovers that he will be hiring a temporary maid to the Westgate’s Mansion for two weeks. Victoria convinces Bill to hire her for the job. With a struggle, he does.

For a week, Victoria disguised with a terrible wig and contacts learns the drill from the housekeeper, Alice Higgins and the cook, Mary Trent.

Unfortunately, Tyler sees through her disguise and mannerisms, but in order to keep her safe and under his roof, he doesn’t say anything. He does like her spunk. And he finally believes all the stories Stuart told him about his older sister. But he also has to protect the plan in order to catch someone stealing his new textile formulas.

Victoria meets Tyler’s brother, Charlie. A nice guy, but Tyler is disappointed with him. She also meets Tommie Sands, the head technician for Tyler’s research plant. Tommie’s solar embroidery on her multiple outfits intrigue Victoria, but Tommie’s “affection” towards Tyler bother her. It triggers Victoria to search Tyler’s office for any clues to remove Stuart’s guilt, so she can leave the mansion. Tyler catches her and tells her she can’t leave. Victoria is surprised.

Tyler says that any change in the routine would trigger the real thief to fly. He believes all will be exposed on Stuart’s trial date. He also tells Victoria that Stuart is safe and aware of the plan. And he has evidence to clear Stuart. Besides, Heinrich will be asking his mother for her hand in marriage. Victoria is surprised, but stays.

Spending time with Tyler, she finds it oddly comforting. After two weeks at the Westgates, Mary gives Victoria an armful of strawberry preserves as a goodbye gift. Victoria feels alone.

After a week, Tyler wonders why Victoria hasn’t answered her phone. He goes to her house and finds her doubled up in pain. Suzanne has moved out. That moment, he begins to understand how someone can become possessive towards another person.

Finally the day of Stuart’s trial, Victoria hears that the evidence clearing Stuart has been stolen. Angry, Victoria goes to the mansion to get it and is attacked by Mary. She sells the formulas for big bucks with Stuart’s lawyer’s help and connections. Tyler finds Victoria bruised in the basement. Mary’s gone. The two of them hatch a plan to find Mary without her disguise, but they use disguises and it leads to her arrest.

Later, Victoria is still angry with Tyler for letting the evidence get away, but when she learns from Stuart that Tyler has kept a promise not to tell Victoria that the first time Stuart met Tyler, the ‘young boy’ was trying to rob him, but gave him another chance, didn’t call the police and Westgate kept his secret. Victoria realized how wrong she was about Tyler’s motives and loyalties. Victoria attends Henry’s and Katherine’s wedding.

The small wedding is incredible and the dress Victoria designed is magnificent on Katherine. Tyler smiles at her when he walks his mother down the aisle.

She finally realizes she does love Tyler. And he loves her, her spice and adventure. They kiss.

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 Unicorn Shadow Screenplays

Screenplays available:

* Crossover ~ (Action Fantasy)
An ex-cop searches for her husband on the other side of the Bermuda Triangle
and finds a world where women are a rare booty and privateers are engulfed
in a civil war.

* Dream Dancers ~ (Romantic Fantasy – A Coming-of-Old Age)
When her husband is downsized, a dance instructor decides to renew the romance in her marriage by entering a dance contest, but when her husband refuses, she recruits the help of a dancer and some magic.

* The Black Unicorn ~ Children’s Animation
A Prince and Princess are separated during a vicious storm when their kingdom is attacked. In order to find his royal sister, the Prince must fight the Evil Esuba.

*American Dream ~ Murder Mystery
When a conservative business executive seeks out his brother’s murderer, all
paths lead to the Lithuanian immigrant he married out of convenience.

*Gemini Girl ~ Coming-of-Age
On her birthday, a 17 year old discovers that she is an alien and has a year to  decide whether to “mature” with her adult self which has been kept “on ice” in the basement vault.

*Twilight Murders ~ Murder Mystery

When a 14 year old paraplegic witnesses a street gang murder, a detective is assigned to protect him and his mother.

*Blood Oil ~ Thriller

After formulating a revolutionary gasoline substitute, a brilliant, but naive inventor thinks his

pre-arranged  recent wife is dead and is thrown into a world of deceit and deception.